The online sale through of our website is based on the Terms and Conditions of this online store that every customer should read before placing an order. Placing an order implies acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

Polarbox US. 252 NW 29 ST9 Floor Miami, FL33127. The store is operated by Polarbox US LLC. The store reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions in their entireiy, or any part of it, at any time without prior notice. The client is not bound by the clauses of Terms and Conditions that have been modified after the order has been placed. By purchasing producis in our store, the customer accepis these Terms and Conditions. By accepting the Terms and Conditions, the Client agrees to receive promotional content sent to inform about special offers, new products, etc.

Terms and Conditions of the Online Store

People who are 18 years old or over and with full legal capacity can be Customers of our Store.

1. Our store sells producis online. We offer 24/7 service, 365 days a year. Therefore, orders can be made 24/7.

2. We only sell new products without physical or legal defects.

3. All the products available in our store are physically in stock in our warehouse and their status is updated every day.


4. All prices are in US Dollars (USD). The gross price that does not contain taxes is indicated with a full description on the goods. The price of each productis determined when placing the order, itis binding and will not change until payment is made.

5. The store reserves the right to modify the prices of the products available in the store, the introduction of new products, add and remove special offers on the online store or make changes to the website.

6. In the case of products that have a special price, or producis that are for sale, the orders will be executed in the order in which the orders were confirmed in our electronic sales panel. The number of items that are specially priced or on sale is limited. Special prices are only valid for a specific period of time.

 The customer will not be able to claim a refund, which is the difference between the special price and the normal price, ¡f the order was placed after  the period available at a special price.


7. Orders can only be made by registered people who have an account in our Store, or those who provide all the necessary information to carry out the transaction.

8. Each order placed by the Client is confirmed — we will send an e-mail informing the client that we have received the order.

9. The store reserves the right to verify the order. If there is no contact with the buyer or the order cannot be confirmed,

the store reserves the right to suspend the order.


10. The store executes orders within the first 48 hours after receiving the order or receiving payment. If there is any problem executing the order, the customers will be informed immediately. By order execution we mean sending the merchandise to the customer. Likewise, the delivery time normally does not exceed 48 hours and can reach 5 business days according to the courier, always counting from the date of shipment.

11. Deliveries are made by a courier company.

12. The store is not responsible for damage or loss of goods generated by the courier company.

13. The store is not responsible for shipments that have not been delivered by the courier service due to customer responsibility (no contact, no one at home, wrong delivery address) or failure of the courier service. In addition, he store is not responsible for the detention of packages by the control of the authorities (for example, customs). The courier service makes several attempis to deliver the shipment. If not delivered for any of the above reasons, the shipment is deemed delivered.Returns and claims

Returns and claims

14. The seller reviews requests and complainis and provides information about the product orally. in writing, by email or via electronic forms.

15. In the process of filing complaints or inquiries, the customer must use his/her order number or provide the necessary information for identification.

16. The store will respond to the claim within 5 business days from the moment it receives all the necessary information (point 15). The answers can be provided in the same form in which the request or claim was made.

17. The refund is only possible if all the requirements established in these Terms and Conditions have been met.

18. The customer is obliged to resend the container with the product, the document confirming the fact of having purchased it (receipt or invoice) and the return form filled out within 14 days from the time of purchase.

19. Claims and returns are accepted by ihe returns form or email

20. The refund amount is the price of the productin its entirety.

21. After the claim / return has been accepted, the money is returned to the account whose details were provided in the return form within 14 days.

End of your contract

22. The seller must notify the customer that he/her has the right to withdraw from the contract within 14 days from the date of delivery. The shipping date prevails.

23.The returned goods must be returned together with a declaration of withdrawal from the contract to the address indicated in point number 19 of these Terms and Conditions. The customer is obliged to send the packaging with the product intact.

24. In the event of termination of the contract, the store makes a refund of the goods purchased and the shipping costs incurred by the customer for 14 business days, in accordance with the principles of these Terms and Conditions mentioned in the section on returns and overpayments.

25. We do not send money by mail or courier.

26. The shipping costs caused by the retum will always be paid by the buyer.

Payment methods

27. The store offers 2 forms of payment:

– Payment by card / Paypal – we accept card payments. The charge is made to the customer’s card when the store starts executing the order after iis acceptance. The information about the acceptance of ihe order will be sent to the Client by email.


28. In the event that circumstances cause the store to be forced to refund the money paid by the customer to the store’s account, this refund is made within a maximum period of 14 business days.

29. IFihe customer made the payment by credit card, the refund payment is made to the credit card number from which the payment was made.

30. The Store reserves the right to verify the identity of the Customer requesting the retumn.

 The Store is not responsible for ihe error or delay in making the refund if the Client, despite having sent the request by email, does not indicate the account number where they want the payment to be made, or if they do not provide ihe necessary data to that the Store can make the payment. The Store is not responsible for non-compliance or delay in the retum in different situations when the Customer has given wrong personal information (name, address) or a wrong account number.

Data security and confidentiality

31. Personal data of any kind is stored according to the principle of complete voluntariness and is intended solely and exclusively for he company Polarbox US LLC. They are limited to the minimum necessary and serve only to identify buyers and correctly process orders. Each Client has the right to consult their data, rectify or eliminate them, in addition to all the rights that result from current legislation.

32. Personal data are protected in accordance with current legislation in this area in a way that prevents third parties from accessing them.

33. In the event that the Customer expresses his additional consent, his personal data will be processed by the Store in order to inform the Customer about the new merchandise, promotions and services available in the Store.

33a.In the event that the Customer expresses his additional consent, his personal data may be conferred for processing to another entity indicated in the content of such consent, in order for the Store to obtain information on Customer satisfaction with the product. or to the attention provided by the Store.

34. Store Customers have the right to consult their personal data, rectify it and demand its deletion.

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