Polarbox, Taking the Cooler World by Storm

Polarbox is at the forefront of redefining outdoor experiences with our trendy, retro inspired coolers. Pioneering a new era of stylish functionality, our premium-quality products are engineered to elevate your experience by combining innovative design with durable construction, making us the ultimate choice for any occasion. With a range of options tailored to adventurers, beachgoers, and outdoor enthusiasts alike, Polarbox has you covered for all your cooling needs. As a subsidiary of Polisur, Polarbox maintains its leadership in innovation and excellence within the industry.


Polisur, A Leading-Edge Company

Established in 1984, Polisur 2000, S.L. has grown into a dynamic enterprise with a strong presence in plastic container molding, operating in Spain and Portugal. Exporting to over 15 countries, they excel in manufacturing and distribution. With a team of 160 professionals, they maintain a robust financial foundation and cutting-edge infrastructure. Polisur prioritizes continual growth, market leadership, product excellence, and client-centric service, certified to ISO and BRC standards for quality assurance.

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